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Math Puzzles and Logic for All Ages

At first glance, math and logic based puzzles and games may seem only suited to mathematicians. Although mathematical logic may require some knowledge of mathematical principles or operations, it also relies on reasoning and deduction – the core focus of logic. Philosophy has studied and debated the basic principles of logic for thousands of years. Math logic eventually evolved with the goal of eliminating inconsistences and contradictions associated with informal reasoning. Today math logic problems and games are useful for learning new facts, thinking in new ways, and increasing cognitive abilities. Due to their fun, deceptively simple nature, and because they rarely require deep mathematical knowledge, logic problems and puzzles have become a popular pastime and are increasingly being developed in new and different ways. The math and logic problems presented here include word problems, nanograms, number problems, brainteasers, and more. Problems are suitable for all ages and abilities.

Common Math & Logic Problems for Everyone

  • A Puzzle Of Identical Twins: This puzzle requires the user to spot the truth teller from his lying twin brother.
  • Brain Den: A mix of classic and multi-part brain riddles can be attempted here.
  • Conceptis Puzzles: This logic puzzler supplier offers a variety of puzzles suitable for casual to advanced solvers. Logic puzzle offerings include paint by square, connect the dot, battleship, and number games.
  • Figure This!: These math challenges make fun family activities.
  • Logic Problems: These super easy logic word problems and puzzles are appropriate for all ages. 
  • Math Puzzles: Reasoning not advanced mathematical knowledge will help users complete these problems. 
  • Numbrix: This puzzle game is created by Marilyn vos Savant, writer of Parade magazines popular “Ask Marilyn” column. Using only reasoning skills, solvers fill up a board with numbers from 1 to 81. The trick is numbers must follow a successive order.
  • Squares & Circles: The objective of the game is to eliminate all the shapes and leave just a circle on the board.
  • Sudoku: This popular and addictive logic based game comes in many versions. Here fans of the game can try their problem solving skills with a new Sudoku puzzle every day. Each daily version features five levels of difficulty and hints.
  • The Monty Hall Problem: One of the most debated logic problems surrounds the odds of correctly choosing the right door to win a big prize while being a contestant on a game show.
  • Tower of Hanoi: This mathematical puzzle is over a hundred years old and is solvable in just seven moves. 

Math & Logic Problems for Kids

  • Brain Benders: Kids younger than 13 can fill hours completing these animated logic puzzles and brain games.
  • Brain Teasers: The answers to these problems require a little thought.
  • Classic Checkers: One of the most popular board games of all time also teaches deductive reasoning skills and strategy.
  • Learning Games For Kids: These fun flash games allow kids to improve their logic skills without any pressure.
  • Lemonade Stand: This game stimulates the experience of running a lemonade stand for a month. Strategizing and math skills will help kids plan their inventory, order supplies, and bring in the highest profits. 
  • Logic Practice Problems: These basic logic problems are designed for third graders. Solutions are included so kids can work and understand how to arrive at the correct answer.
  • Logic Zoo: Sort animals into their proper location using Venn diagrams and the clues provided.
  • Math Is Fun: Fascinating logic puzzles help kids improve their deduction, creative thinking, and reasoning skills.
  • Sudoku For Kids: This Sudoku version is just for kids!
  • The Frustrated Farmer: This goal of this game version of the classic cross the river logic puzzle is to get the farmer and all of his supplies safely across the river. The trick is only one item can be brought across at a time and some animals cannot be left unsupervised.
  • The Kidz Page: Kids can flex their logic knowledge with these colorful games, which rely on reasoning and strategy.

Math & Logic Problems for Teenagers

  • Ed Collins Logic Problems: The only supplies required to complete this collection of brain teasers is simple charts and brain power.
  • Empty The Bucket: In this logic problem, solvers empty three buckets containing water without wasting any of the water.
  • Hourglass Problem: In this interactive game two hourglasses are presented each representing a different measurement of time. Users must then use these hourglasses to display the time asked for in the problem.
  • Interactive Logic Problems: These logic problems come with grids to simplify organizing the information provided and coming up the correct answer.
  • Jeopardy!: Sharpen cognitive thinking skills with this logic problems based on the game show.
  • Levering Science Magnet School Logic Puzzles: Math and logic puzzles included here include toothpick puzzles, math maps, and math map strips.
  • Math Fair Puzzles: Engaging math puzzles for teens. 
  • New Mexicans For Science & Reason Puzzles: This non-profit publishes monthly math puzzles that may be solvable for older and advanced high school students.
  • NRICH: The University of Cambridge presents new games and activities every month that will test high school learners.
  • Puzzling Number Games: These math riddles are ideal for younger teenagers.
  • Trouble In Paradise: In this logic thinker, students are challenged to figure out how to fit 13 quests in 12 hotel rooms.
  • Tweedledum & Tweedledee: With just the information given, find out which brother is telling the truth.

Math & Logic Problems For Serious Mathematicians and Logicians

  • Killer Hanjie!: This very challenging nanogram will take some serious brain stretching and time.
  • Lewis Carroll Puzzles: A look at some of the logic puzzles created by the famous logician and writer.
  • Lloyd King Lateral Thinking Puzzles: Try out these challenging puzzles that test lateral thinking intelligence.
  • Millennium Prize Problems: In 2000, the Clay Mathematics Institute announced seven $1,000,000 prizes for anyone able to solve classic math problems that solutions have yet to be found for. Six of the seven problems remain unsolved. 
  • The Grey Labyrinth: Hundreds of puzzles can be attempted at this site including puzzles still looking for an answer.
  • The Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever: This classic logic puzzle created by logician Raymond Smullyan presents three gods and challenges the user to determine their correct identity. 
  • The Sliding Door Maze: This very difficult logic maze requires you to navigate through an interactive maze to find a way out.
  • Snakes On A Plane: This alternate of tic-tac-toe still remains unsolved. 
  • Who Keeps Fish?: Often attributed to Einstein, this logic riddle presents information about five houses on the same street. Using the clues given the solver has to decide various attributes about each house including color, nationality of those living in the home, what the house owner smokes, and what pet they own.